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New Photos – The Ice Hotel

A trip to the North of Scandinavia is not complete without a trip to the Ice Hotel.  Although expensive to stay, a walk around the village is free and a tour is not too expensive either.  It is an amazing and truly unusual place.  With hundreds of sculptures and a giant hotel that can house […]

New Photos: From Denmark to the Ice Hotel

Of the many options with the expensive prices of gas in Europe, we opted for the route towards North Cape starting on a ferry from Germany to Denmark, followed by a series of bridges to get to Sweden.  The dash up to the Ice Hotel led us across the Arctic Circle and introduced all of […]

Who Turned Out the Lights?

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and is looking forward to the new year. You are probably aware that our website was down for several days… the main server in Florida has some issues, so sorry for keeping everyone in the dark but we think the problem has been fixed. Speaking of […]