Berlin Photos

It has taken forever to get more photos up and we all apologize. We have also been far behind on the blogs…and we apologize. We are also behind schedule…and we apologize. We are also extremely low on funds, and until we are able to raise enough money for South America, we will fall further behind, but you all can help with that a few different ways by clicking here.

Africa has been tough as you all well know from reading the blogs, but we made it through and, at least for me, it was a truly amazing experience. I am in the states now and have been working vigorously to get caught up on photos, video and more. While the guys have been having the crazy adventures, I have had to play office boy for a little while trying to organize shipping of the trucks and scrape together the funds we need to continue on.

But going through the photos and getting them online is a rejuvenating experience down memory lane. Europe was an incredible experience and that is where we left off in catching up with photos. So here is album number one on the catch up…BERLIN! It is a wonderful city and worth a visit in anyone’s lifetime.

After WWII the city was divded, half Russian, half American.  The Russians did things a little different wtih barbed wire and coBerlin's rebellious past shows through with the many artists and art galleries around the city.Communism turned capitalism at the gift shop with peices of the wall for sale.Even the hostels in Berlin are super funky.I don't think we were supposed to take photos of the photos, but ignorance is bliss.It is hard to imagine what it was like to see the other side through the cracks, knowing you will never get there.More Wall ArtMuch of the wall is still intact near the hostel we stayed at.Now just for show, the checkpoint still exists with guards dressed in historic uniforms.Now more of a tourist trap, checkpoint Charlie was the original border checkpoint between West and East Berlin.Photos show scenes of guards and others helping people to eascpe from East Berlin.Pieces of the wall are on display all over the city with beautiful works of art.Pieces of the wall are on display all over the city with beautiful works of art.So did BoueySo did MarkThe fall of the wall and the soviet union changed the lives of millions around the world.The famous kiss between Honecker and Brezhnev, the two former Soviet leaders is depicted in many paintings.The history of the wall is amazing.The long wall opressing people became a beautiful canvas over the years.The seal of the republik.The wall was known for its grafitti art, and the artists carry on with all types of murals and street art all over Berlin.This band of lights is the original set of lights from when the wall was intact to shine in oncoming drivers eyes.This shop/museum is definitely worth a visit?You gotta have a photo by it.