New Photos: From Denmark to the Ice Hotel

Of the many options with the expensive prices of gas in Europe, we opted for the route towards North Cape starting on a ferry from Germany to Denmark, followed by a series of bridges to get to Sweden.  The dash up to the Ice Hotel led us across the Arctic Circle and introduced all of us to the eerie feeling of Polar Night, the time of year when the sun never makes it above the horizon when you are so far North.  The light and the feeling you get up here is nothing like I have ever experienced before.  The twilight and color of the sky give you energy and make you depressed at the same time.

It seems like a dark and lonely trip, but even up until now, it is one of my favorite points on the whole expedition, this trip North.  So enjoy the photos.

We spent Christmas in Germany with this little christmas tree as part of a sim card promotion in Bulgaria.So just after Christmas we were on our way to Denmark and about to get on a Ferry.The time we waited for the ferry to Denmark was a good time to clean out the trucks and the tree had to say goodbye.The Rostock ferry harbor.Mark is relaxing on our short ferry ride.A few effects later and it looks like a ship from the olden days.I just looks way cooler in B&W.The center of the boat was a lively lounge full of people rushing in and out of the duty free store to get cheap booze.Bouey took a little time for time and distance calculations.Of course we are always filming.These are the stairs in the center of the lobby.Even the ferry had Christmas decor.The food area of the boat was off the hook.  Strange because the ferry was so short with many other options on both sides for beIf everyone rushes to the center, many will be together?Gambling on international waters, how James Bond.If you walk on the toilet seat you may end up floating in the bowl?The Euros do it right, dogs could just run free on the ferry.TWBR crossed the Arctic Circle on its way to North Cape, the Northern most point in Europe.As we traveled North, the light got shorter and shorter.After this moment at the arctic circle, we did not see real daylight for nearly ten days.So we stopped about a kilometer from the actual circle, but we just could not be sure and the 3 hours of light that day were almThe light up there is unreal, never gets to more than a twighlight.