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Photo of the Week – Swinger and his New Friend

In Huacachina, Peru there was a monkey at our hostel. We decided that it was about time for Swinger to make a new monkey friend, so we brought him outside. The real monkey was terrified of swinger and only with the owner holding him would he cautiously reach out and touch Swinger.

Welcome To The Middle Of Nowhere

“Welcome to the middle of nowhere!” This was the friendly response we got from several people as we pulled into the remote and dusty town of Timbuktu. For us here at The World by Road, Timbuktu is an important stopover on our way around the world. I can now say that I have literally driven […]

This is the Desert

Well, we are in the thick of it now. The thick, blowing sand of the Western Sahara Desert. In fact, we are actually in a UN administered territory called Western Sahara. (The Moroccans like to claim it as their southern province and the rebel POLISARIO Front refers to the land as the “free zone.”) Whatever […]