New Bios and Expedition Crew

One of the main things that has been taking so much of our time for the last handful of months is putting together the new crew.  This time around we have a solid crew of 7 people leaving Buenos Aires with us.  Some will make it all the way home, some may have to leave sooner, but these are the faces you will be seeing on the site for at least the next few months.  With an international crew spanning from here in Argentina to all the way up in Canada, we will have a very diverse amount of knowledge, opinions and outlooks that should prove to broaden the types of stories we write and certainly guarantee much more content up on the site.

Right now we have three new bios up, and shortly we will have one more, Fernando Bishcof, from here in Buenos Aires.  Soon we will have a friend from South Africa joining us once she is done studying and working in Cambridge.  So click the link below to check out the new crew.

New Expedition Crew Members