The ever changing crew

Recently we said goodbye to Steve Bouey’s father John.  After traveling for 3 weeks through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, he is currently on a plane from Saigon back to his home in Oakland, CA. It was a good few weeks and the TWBR knowledge of composting and organic biosolids has certainly increased as a result of his stay with us.  John’s company is called Bay Area Soil Products and is revolutionizing the industry with processes that are making leaps and bounds in improving soil and processing organic waste around the world. He enjoyed his time with us, but is certainly excited to get back to work and end his stint as a world nomad. Click the link above to learn more about what they are doing, it is a truly amazing thing.

About the same time we picked up John we also picked up Helen Todd.  We met her in Bangkok while she was in Thailand working on some research on the voluntarism trends in Thailand.  For those of you that are not aware of this type of travel, it is a way for people to give a little of their time to help out worthy causes around the world while getting a more authentic experience in a country by living with and helping out the locals. She was working at the Elephant Nature Park just outside of Chang Mai.  This allowed her to learn about the controversial subject of the way elephants are treated here in Asia.  Some elephants are used for illegal logging, others are used to take tourists on treks, and some are "begging elephants." A large majority of these elephants are abused and the park is there to help take care of them and advocate for better treatment of the animals.

When her time was over at the elephant park she took a flight to Saigon and became one of the newest team members.  She will be leaving soon to head back to the USA, but her bio is finally up and you can get to know a little more about her.  Click here to check it out.

In the next couple of days we will have another girl from South Africa meeting up, two filmmakers from India, and possibly even a guy from New Zealand. If you are interested in joining or know someone who is, please check out the join us page to learn more.