New Gallery – Vang Vieng Laos

Vang Vieng is somewhat of a traveler’s mecca. Tons of people travel here to enjoy the tubing on the river, the climbing and the laid back atmosphere. One could easily get stuck here.

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Vang Vieng is an amazing place with awesome scenery_DSC0096.jpgFlat river valleys give way to large carstsEven in paradise, trip planning must go onWhen the work is done, it always helps to have a nice viewSunsets in Laos are always spectacularThe view from the guesthouse was worth the price aloneMorning mist on the mountains surrounding Vang ViengThe mountains in Vang Vieng give way to even bigger ones to the northSome cliffs seem totally out of place in Vang ViengRice and tourism are the cornerstones of the Vang Vieng economyThe planting and harvesting of rice is a delicate processBouey took some time out to explore the maze of rice field pathsLife is pretty slow here and that is a good thingPeople still live like they have for decades in the surrounding villagesAlthough there have been relatively few problems, Vang Vieng is in the heart of Hmong rebel territoryHelen getting ready to hit the tubing riverOfficial tubing footwear on the back of a speeding tuk tukRope swings and zip lines dot the tubing river in Vang ViengKate hit the first zip line she sawHelen was close behindBouey tests out the bigger zip line... free with purchase of a Beer LaoA nice cold Beer Laos after a day on the riverThe last "bar" on the river was arguably the bestMaybe a few too many Beer Laos