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Sydney- people, sites and giant bats

I wrote this blog after arriving in Sydney, but did not have a chance to post until now…Coincidentally we are back in Sydney again. Stepping off the plane at Sydney International airport three things struck me. The first is the suffocating humidity, second, the total exhaustion from 15 hours in airplanes and third, utter disbelief […]

Stay Left

After a first attempt at driving on the left side of the road things turned out pretty well despite a slightly adverse crew and a nervous Steve (or two).  After almost sideswiping a sign and knocking a few items over in the van as I got feel for the loose steering, it was basically smooth sailing […]

South Coast Drive

We’ve been on the road for a few days now headed south to Melbourne with two camper vans and it’s been great. Getting out of hot, busy Sydney was a much-needed breath of fresh air for us all. The two Toyota Hiace camper vans we rented from Britz are actually quite nice and I’ve been […]