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Climbing one of the most active volcanoes in the world…

Setting off at 10pm, we met our guide and his friend who had a car the would take us on the two hour drive to Selo. Since we did not go through a tourism company and being that we were in Indonesia, this seemed relatively normal. This feeling did not last long. Slowing down at […]

10 Things You Wouldn’t Expect From Australia

Australia, the land down under, is depicted as a wondrous place of surf beaches, kangaroos, wineries, and all the comforts of home. This investigative report delves into what the average tourist may not anticipate when going down under! 1) Kangaroos are considered pests. Cars armor themselves due to eminent kangaroo crashes that occur with alarming […]

Where are you from?

One of the first questions out of new acquaintances mouths while in the southern hemisphere has been "Where are you from?" This seemingly simple question is usually answered with "America." Those who want to get to know me better or can not think of another small talk follow-up question will continue with where in America? […]

Great People on the Great Ocean Road

A lovely woman named Denise at the Otway Lighthouse kept feeding us hot chocolate and other treats. I remarked to Caki that I wish she had been my kindly next door neighbor while growing up. Envisioning her with a nice little house that would be filled with treats was not difficult. As we were packing […]