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Got the Toyotas… sort of.

We have been out of internet contact for about 4 days now and as usual, there is a lot to update everyone on. We found out that we will in fact be getting our trucks on the 7th of April… after having to shell out another thousand dollars to get them here two weeks earlier […]

The good kind of delay.

On our journey further south we have arrived in a town named Geelong.  In stark contrast from the busy city of Melbourne, this quaint little town has an unbelievable waterfront with a quiet little restaurant serving excellent food, wood carved statues ornamenting the small parks along the boardwalk and lines of sailboats ready to cruise […]

South Coast Drive

We’ve been on the road for a few days now headed south to Melbourne with two camper vans and it’s been great. Getting out of hot, busy Sydney was a much-needed breath of fresh air for us all. The two Toyota Hiace camper vans we rented from Britz are actually quite nice and I’ve been […]

When is the Sharper Image going to come out with the right adapters?

Out of all the things that did not make it into the trucks or our bags in the chaos before we left, a power adapter is probably one of the more important ones.  As we did the push to get sponsors on board before we left, we even produced a video travel guide with a […]

Birthdays for Bridges and Neon Baseball Caps…

Behind the desk at the xBase backpackers hostel is a extremely knowledgeable woman named Lydiane whom we refer to as the oracle. Every morning the team gets together to decide what we have to do that day, and what we want to do that day. The first part usually consists of errands and research, or time […]

The Team – Photos

We have taken a picture of the team and will have bios up for everyone shortly.  Here we all are at the Sydney Opera house…


We have new photos up!!! Check out some photos of Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand. Check out some photos of Sydney Australia.