Sydney- people, sites and giant bats

I wrote this blog after arriving in Sydney, but did not have a chance to post until now…Coincidentally we are back in Sydney again.

Stepping off the plane at Sydney International airport three things struck me. The first is the suffocating humidity, second, the total exhaustion from 15 hours in airplanes and third, utter disbelief that I actually pulled this off. Six weeks ago I stumbled across The World By Road website and made a bold decision to drop all aspects of my life- my job, my car, my friends- and join this expedition.

Three days later I am certain I made the right decision.

Sydney is a wonderful city. I spent the last three days meandering through a sea of tall, leggy, fair-haired and friendly people. As a very clean city full of young professionals in starched shirts and ties hurrying off to work, it shows very little signs of poverty in the city center.  Overall Sydney looks very modern with many sleek buildings, but it will occasionally surprise you as you turn a corner and are confronted by a beautiful old stone cathedral or a breath taking view of the surrounding harbor. Visiting the famous Opera House is definitely one of the highlights of my sightseeing. It is truly amazing and no matter what angle photographed from, after trying many I don’t feel like I could capture how stunning this piece of architecture is.

My favorite experience thus far was losing myself in the lush rainforest trails of the city’s Botanical Gardens. We stumbled upon hundreds of Red Flying-Fox bats hanging from the trees- dripping from the highest branches like giant ebony raindrops. These large wild fruit bats are pretty active during the middle of the day and were creating wonderful, deafening screeches that will be hard to forget. The only down side so far is that three days of gray skies have this sun-worshiper and photographer a little frustrated and desperate for some golden light and long, deep shadows.

Regardless of what the weather will be I can’t begin to explain the sense of excitement and optimism I feel about this expedition. I have joined this incredible, dynamic group full of people who have so much to offer and learn from. It’s so wonderful sharing in the responsibilities of the trip. Instead of little ol’ me by myself scratching my head by trying to decipher the train schedule, I’ve become a part of this wonderful team who shares my love and respect for other cultures.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride.