Weekly Update

For all you guys out there that only get a chance to look at our website once a week or less and miss out on a lot of the daily updates, we have decided to start doing a "Weekly Update" post.

To start I’m going to give you the highlights from the last week or so while we have been in Indonesia.  After spending a few days relaxing in Bali, the Indonesian tourist mecca, we headed to Yogyakarta… which is pronounced "Jogja".  While in Jogja, the Steve’s and Elena climbed Mt Merapi, Indonesia’s most active volcano. Other highlights included eating snake curry which consists of Cobra and Python meat. We could have simply indulged in snake curry off the menu, but wanted to find out a little more about the tradition of eating snake so we met up with Purwo "The Snake Charmer".  Purwo showed us the art of charming a cobra and also showed us how to kill it and drink its blood. Yeah that’s right blood… both the Steves and Elena drank the Cobra blood. I decided to sit that one out but i did enjoy the snake curry once it was cooked. 

After Jogja we pushed on to Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta also one of the world’s most polluted cities. While in Jakarta we filmed a story with Australian Aid on the building of new schools and the following day we made our International Television debut on "Indonesia this Morning" which is kind of like their version of Good Morning America. 

We are now in Singapore waiting the arrival of our cars…. what a week!!! 🙂

Purwo – The Snake Charmer

Indonesia This Morning