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New Photos – DRC

Our trip through the DRC was quick, only lasting about 3 days. We were kicked out of Kinshasa and had to get to Matadi for our Angola visas. We did manage to check out the Chutes de Zongo, one of the only established tourist attractions in the entire DRC.

End of The Line

For Africa that is. That’s right, we made it all the way to South Africa. We have a few more days before we arrive in Cape Town and hopefully ship the trucks to Argentina on the 6th of July, so  we are taking in some of the sights on the Garden Route. It has been […]

Quick Update

This update is gong to have to be quick because internet is slow and expensive here in the DRC. That’s right, we finally made it out of one Congo and into well, another Congo. We have had a tremendous amount of help and support from people here and back home, but our progress is due […]