Quick Update

This update is gong to have to be quick because internet is slow and expensive here in the DRC. That’s right, we finally made it out of one Congo and into well, another Congo. We have had a tremendous amount of help and support from people here and back home, but our progress is due in large part to the amazing staff at the United States Embassy in Brazzaville. Without help from people like Kelly Daniel, we would still be stuck there, so thanks a bunch. I also want to thank Olivier and Catherine at the Hippocampe Hotel in Brazzaville for making our stay there an enjoyable experience. If you ever find yourself in Brazzaville, Hippocampe is well worth the visit. We also recieved a lot of help from the DRC Consul in Brazzaville himself… if it were not for his assistance we probably would have been deported from the DRC again… another story for another time! I also want to think Bob in Kinshasa and all the great people at Heineken here in the DRC for all of their hospitality.

So that quickly brings you up to date. We are currently in Matadi, DRC on the border with Angola. We stopped by the Angola Consulate today and so far, so good. We are supposed to pick up our Angola transit visas tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed. If everything goes as planned, we will be crossing the border into Angola on Wednesday. Obviously there are a lot of things that have happened over the past few weeks, but again, internet is an extreme luxury here, so the stories and photos will have to wait… probably until we get into Namibia in a week or so.