New Photos – DRC

Our trip through the Democratic Republic of the Congo was quick, only lasting about three days. We were kicked out of Kinshasa after partying with UN workers and had to get to Matadi as soon as possible for our Angola visas since we already lied to get into the country in the first place. We did manage to check out the Chutes de Zongo, one of the only established tourist attractions in the entire DRC. While at the Chutes de Zongo, we met some Dutch people working for Heineken in Kinshasa and they were kind enough to let us crash at the “Heineken House” in Matadi while we waited for our visas.

DRC is a pretty crazy place and there are so many police roaming around that trying to take pictures of anything can be risky since basically everything from the port to the shack on the side of the road somehow has some national security significance. Just ask the South African we saw get arrested at the port for simply having a camera attached to his motorcycle to document his overland trip to London.

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