Arches National Park and HDR Photography

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Moab, Utah and spent some time at one of my favorite places: Arches National Park. The landscapes within Arches are spectacular and like no where else on earth, at least not that I am aware of. With so many interesting things to see and so many unique shapes, shadows and colors, it was the perfect place to practice some HDR photography.

How Happy Is Your Country? – World Happiness Report

There are undoubtedly major beneficial side-effects of happiness. Happy people live longer, are more productive, earn more, and are also better citizens. Well-being should be developed both for its own sake and for its side-effects, and the report is a call to action for policymakers across the globe to make happiness a key measure and target of development.

The Most Corrupt Institutions in the World

Earlier this month, Transparency International, the anti-corruption and pro-transparency think tank based out of Berlin, Germany released their 2013 Global Corruption Barometer. The comprehensive survey revealed that a startling 1 in 4 people had paid a bribe in the last 12 months and over half the people surveyed believed corruption had worsened.

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