TWBR Expedition Website 2.0

Through our original expedition, we redesigned the website a few times. So this may not be exactly a version 2.0, but the expedition website has been a bit neglected since we finished the original expedition in 2009. With new web technologies some parts of the site, like the routemaps and photo galleries, ended up broken with server updates. So with the 10 year anniversary of finishing the original National Geographic Award winning expedition, we are completely redoing all of the photo galleries and maps.

Currently the routemap is already live with a new interactive version that you can follow the exact route map down to the highways we took. We are taking the entire photo catalog and re-editing the photos with all the latest in editing technology, so everything will be in even more vivid color and detail than ever before.

We will be releasing never seen before video content, new maps that will allow you to look at our content exactly where we produced it and video galleries that will make it easier to watch all of our videos in one place. Additionally, we are producing a series of guides to help you start your own adventures whether huge undertakings like driving around the world or simple weekend adventures.

Whenever we post new photo galleries or content from the expedition, you can come here to the collective site to find links to the galleries on the expedition site. The best way to not miss a thing is to sign up for our email newsletter. Beyond that follow us on instagram, flickr, facebook and twitter to keep up to date on everthing from gear reviews to trip reports from new adventures we are planning right now!

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