Flashback Friday: Scary Travel Encounters

For this edition of Flashback Friday, we’re reminiscing about situations that are bound to come up eventually if you travel long enough, far enough and to enough different places. These situations can happen to newbies and seasoned travelers alike, can involve humans, animals and the environment, and they can pop up anywhere from the subways of New York City, the streets of Paris, or the jungles of Africa. We’re talking about scary travel encounters. Have you ever experienced a tense situation on the road or had any scary travel encounters?

We certainly had our fair share of encounters that made our heart rate increase a few beats on The World by Road, like running into a jungle roadblock manned by these “ninja militia” rebels in the Pool Region of the Republic of the Congo. Fortunately, these situations usually resolved themselves one way or another and actually turned into some of the most memorable experiences on the expedition. Be confident in your abilities to resolve the situation, be be mindful that your confidence is not misinterpreted as cockiness. Staying cool, calm and collect and using a healthy dose of common sense can certainly help turn what might initially seem like quite a scary travel encounter into a positive one! Certainly we’re not the only ones who have had some hair raising experiences while traveling, so we’re curious to hear some of your stories.

What was the encounter and how did you deal with it?

Did you learn anything from it?

What was the final outcome?

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