The story of the World by Road, a story of hard work, perseverance, exploration and self-discovery, has been enjoyed by a variety of audiences ranging from elementary school children in intimate classroom settings to auditoriums filled with hardened adventurers and business people of all walks of life. The messages Steve and Steve deliver are universally relevant and applicable although the presentations can be customized to address the specific needs and unique goals of your organization.

About the Presentations

Inspired by adventurer Harold Stephens’s book Who Needs a Road?, college friends Steve Bouey and Steve Shoppman founded The World by Road Expedition. For two years and 147 days, the pair journeyed through 69 countries, crossed six continents and covered more than 70,000 miles culminating in National Geographic Adventure Magazine honoring Steve and Steve as two of their 2009 Adventurers of the Year. As part of their expedition, the Steves became involved in a variety of community projects and between camping with nomads in remote Western Mongolia and negotiation for safe passage with rebels in the Congo, they encountered more than their fair share of adventure.

Upon returning to Denver in 2009, the Steves realized their journey was far from over. Although the expedition was an adventure it was much more than that. The expedition represented an unparalleled educational experience exposing the two to a variety of cultures and face to face interactions with diverse people throughout the world while providing opportunities to collaborate with others in an effort to identify solutions to real life challenges we all face living in a global community.

A nation full of critical thinkers and internationally conscious citizens is a better place and through exciting and interactive multimedia presentations, Steve and Steve share the lessons they learned on the road in and effort to not only increase international awareness and education, but inspire people to break out of their comfort zones and dare to think the unthinkable.

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