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New Photos – Polvdiv, Bulgaria

On our way to Sofia, we stopped for a few days in Polvdiv… a lively town full of history and culture. We had the chance to check out some Roman ruins and get a little bit of work done before pushing on to the country’s capital.

New Photos – Svilengrad, Bulgaria

Bulgaria was our first entry point into the EU and we were surprised to find it packed with random excitement. We met a guy working at the border,who invited us back to his house to celebrate St. Nikolas day with his family. The night turned into a event filled with food, entertainment and some brief […]

Time for An Update

I know it has been a while since a real update and everyone is just dying to know what has been going on here at TWBR. We are currently in Budapest, Hungary and leave tomorrow for Prague via Bratislava. It has been an interesting, hectic and cold couple of weeks and a lot has taken […]