New Photos – Polvdiv, Bulgaria

On our way to Sofia, we stopped for a few days in Polvdiv… a lively town full of history and culture. We had the chance to check out some Roman ruins and get a little bit of work done before pushing on to the country’s capital.

Plovdiv is home to many Roman ruins and among them a large amphitheatreIt was a cold and foggy day in PlovdivI bet you had one of these nice down Marmot jackets huh MarkThe amphitheater is built on a hill and so as to not disturb it, they tunneled the main road underneath itMark tried to see if he could find a way up top for a better view of the amphitheaterThey hold plays and performances during the summer months at the amphitheaterSome lucky homeowner has a free view of all the performancesYour seat for tonight is in row heart with an arrow through it, Y, upside down VHe made it but shortly thereafter we were kicked outUpon closer inspection it was not paint, but cementBulgaria has some very cool artwork on the side of some buildingsUpon closer inspection it was not paint, but cementMark is slowly starting to settle into life on the roadYou can usually find Bouey with a map of some sort in his hands