New Photos – Svilengrad, Bulgaria

Bulgaria was our first entry point into the EU and we were surprised to find it packed with random excitement. We met a guy working at the border,who invited us back to his house to celebrate St. Nikolas day with his family. The night turned into a event filled with food, entertainment and some brief lessons in Bulgarian history. It was refreshing to know that even though we had entered Europe, the random encounters we have had throughout the expedition were far from over.

Bulgaria recently joined the European Union and was the first country we entered after leaving AsiaSt. Nikolas Day is celebrated with lots of fish, lots of food and of course some adult beveragesFor Mark, his first day on the expedition was quite an experienceVasko’s mother made us some traditional Bulgarian yoghurt for desertVasko’s Turkish friend drove his Land Rover through the Syrian desert St. Nikolas Day would not be complete without some homemade Bulgarian wine – foreground Must be quite the party if Bouey is smoking a cigaretteVasko was working at the border, but is also an adventurer having driven his motorcycle through the Syrian desertWhile waiting at the border, Bouey met Vasko who invited us to celebrate Nikulden or St. Nikolas Day with his family that nightVaskos father is retired from the former Soviet army and told us stories about Bulgaria when he was growing upSt. Nikolas Day 2007 will be a night to remember by allWe paid the price for all of the fun we had with VaskoSo Mark, how was your first day on TWBR?Glad you had a good time last night Mark, now clean out the trucksWe picked up our friend and newest TWBR crew member Mark in Istanbul and sped off to BulgariaWhoa! Watch out for that speeding Bulgarian bus