Nels & Craig, Before & After Photos

“The road” takes it’s toll on everyone and in a lot of different ways.  For us boys hygiene is often an afterthought, due to the extra effort required in grooming.  So, we embrace our unshaven faces and unkept hair and try to look the part of the rugged wanderer.  The following photographs reveal the physical results of the last 6-7 months of constant movement.  Proceed with caution.


Nels, in El Salvador, about 1 month after joining.



Nels, after 6 months on the road, and on his birthday, in Bozeman and on the home stretch.  A lot more hair and a hell of an attempt to grow a beard.  It’s a pretty good resemblance, no?


Nikon 037

Me, about 1 month in, leaving Colombia for Panama on a sailboat.  Clean shaven and a one month old haircut.



Me, almost 7 months in, no haircut, and rarely shaven, rafting in Alaska.



Kristen can’t believe she’s hanging out with these two bums in Yellowstone N.P., just days before arriving in Denver.