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Photo of the Week: Little Drummer Boy

After an early dinner in Veracruz, the Steves, Nels, and I happened upon a lengthy flag ceremony in the square directly outside the restaurant. It featured retired and current sailors of the Mexican Navy, local high school students carrying out the flag ritual, and the high school band performing a song that must be titled “Veracruz.” The highlight for us was the very young boy seemingly out of place with his camoflauge fatigues, pouting face, and random drum beats.

Nels’ Notes: Nomadic Wandering Shenanigans March 08-14, 2009

There is no normalcy on the road. We’re always coming and then going, saying “hello” one day, and “goodbye” the next. It is how it has to be. On Sunday we awoke early in Merida with a long day of driving ahead of us, and had to say goodbye to the stellar Hungarian, Zsofi, who was with us for a five-week stint.