New Video – Tequila and the Jose Cuervo Plant

In a little town in the heart of Mexico, a long time ago a lightning bolt hit an agave plant.  It cooked the plant and later the local people found that the cooked fermented plant produced a sweet juice that made them feel good.  Ages later that little town was named Tequila and the drink was too.  When we visited this little gem, we thought it would just be a simple fun time learning about how the world famous liquor was made at the main headquarters in Mexico, but what we did not realize is that the drink, and the town have an incredibly rich history and culture.  The visit to the town turned into a truly memorable experience after we spent the day on the VIP tour at the plant.  To our delightful surprise, even though Jose Cuervo is the big player on the block, the experience was truly intimate as we learned about the history of the company and drank the world famous Reserva de la Familia in the family cellar beneath the distillery. Enjoy the video and the photos, and if you are ever planning a trip to Mexico, definitely put this on your list, you will not be dissappointed.

And while you are there, make sure to stay at the Hotel Plaza El Jardin. It is an incredible hotel that overlooks the square and keeps you right in the heart of the charming nightlife and town center of Tequila.

The music from the video:

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