New Photos – Peninsula Valdes

After pigging out on asados at the Dagna farm in Bahia Blanca, we headed south to the the World Herritage site of Peninsula Valdes. Peninsula Valdes is teeming with wildlife and history. There are still functioning estancias on the peninsula and they share this picturesque landscape with some spectacular marine life. There is even the opportunity to spend the night in luxury and style on Peninsula Valdes at the lighthouse hotel at Punta Delgada. Southern right whales come to the peninsula each year to mate and raise their calves as do elephant seals and Magellan penguins. In April, the peninsula serves up dramatic examples of predator versus prey in the form of Orcas (Killer Whales) swimming up towards and actually onto the beach to hunt seals and penguins. No matter what time of year you come to Peninsula Valdes, you will not be disappointed with what you encounter. Whether it is on a Whales Argentina excursion or a private beach walk with the guide from the hotel to view the elephant seals up close, Peninsula Valdes is a place straight out of the pages of National Geographic. You might even be fortunate enough to spot a few celebrities on the peninsula as well.

Punta Delgada LighthouseElephant Seal ColonyFossilized ShellsPepe On The EdgeBuried In SandPunta DelgdaElephant SealBig BoyStill LifeElephant SealClose UpSea MonsterElephant SealFemale Elephant SealHitching PostProps to PepeGrazing HorsesSheep FarmingFaro Punta DelgadaPunta Delgada LighthouseElephant Seal ColonyPuerto PiramidesNational Geographic StyleFaro Punta DelgadaFaro Punta DelgadaFaro Punta DelgadaGrazing HorsesGrazing HorsesFaro Punta DelgadaCorderoCaleta ValdesLow TidePenguin ColonyPenguin ColonyPenguin ColonyPenguin ColonyPenguin ColonyFriendly SkipperSouthern Right WhaleFluke ActionFluke ActionMother And CalfSouthern Right WhaleSouthern Right WhaleClose EncounterClose EncounterCelebrity SightingSouthern Right WhaleRight Whale FlukeChecking Out The ActionRight Whale FlukeEnd Of A Great DayEnd Of A Great DayWhale Watching BoatWhale WatchingWhale Watching CrewMother And CalfRight Whale Fluke