What is a cultural neighborhood?- It’s short notice, but you can find out today.

In Denver, there is a cool email service called “This Week in Denver.”  It gives updates on the latest and greatest events Denver has to offer each week. The great thing about the service is that most of the events are something unusual that might be completely off the radar.  They definitely do a good job of representing some worthwhile events.

This week the service introduced me to a company called Pamalya, which translates to “entourage.”  The organization presents itself as “a grassroots community of internationally minded people who share and explore cultural treasures of food, wine, art, travel, fashion, literature, music and more. And we carry the world’s cultures forward in contemporary and consequential ways.”  For those who like internationally minded events, their International Holidays Event is tonight at District 475 Art Gallery.  The event features international cuisine, wine and “Cirque”-like dancers.

It is always good to learn about an organization promoting cultural and international interaction. The organization focuses most of its energy on organizing regular events with a wide variety of themes, so all year there are other options if you miss out on this one. Check back soon and for some photos and a story about this event, or better yet, attend yourself.  Since the notice is short, you can no longer buy tickets online, but they will have tickets available at the door as well.

Pamalya International Holiday - invite