New Photos – The Town of Talkeetna, Alaska

Possibly one of the best adventure destinations on the planet, this small town just a couple of hours north of Anchorage was the town that helped to inspire the television series, Northern Exposure. While it is a world apart from the actual show, the charm of the place is like no other and the residents of the town are one of its greatest assets. We spent about a week here, did an interview with the internet radio station Whole Wheat Radio and got involved in so many crazy activities we would not even know where to begin telling stories.

We had a chance to play in the local kickball league, we were able to stay at an old trappers cabin, and the kind people there really gave us a chance to get a view into real Alaskan life.

The places we stayed:

The Eye of Denali Guesthouse – A perfect choice close to town and excellent place for a group of family that wants a kitchen and common area to enjoy together.

Meet Alice at the Talkeetna B and B – Her cooking and stories make a stay at her B and B an excellent way to feel right at home for your stay in Talkeetna.

Luxury in a trappers cabin – At the Denali View Lodge you can either stay in the main house with an incredible view and eat the delicious breakfast, or you can rent the trappers cabin.  Take note – this may be the most luxurious trappers cabin in all of Alaska.

The Real McCoy – So you want to feel like you are getting a more authentic experience.  The Talkeetna Roadhouse is sort of a hostel for climbers, but they also have cabins and their Trapper John’s cabin may have been our favorite place while there.  It really feels like you are sneaking into someone’s personal cabin in Alaska, and even though we had half the crew sleeping on the floor and used an outhouse, we could not have been more happy.  It is just walking distance from downtown and still quiet enough that your nights sleep here will be one of your best in Alaska!!

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