New Photos – Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey was a great way to spend our last days in Mexico.  Between the Chipinque Hotel looking over the city and my friend Chuy’s hospitality at his adventure center, IBO, we could not have had a better time.  The Monterroco Hostel was also a splendid place to stay for a few days.  Overall, things really went right while we spent out last days in Mexico before returning to the USA.  Craig and I were lucky enough to get some hammocks custom made for us by a young man outside of town, and the nightlife here is something that can keep anyone who likes rock and roll entertained for weeks on end.

Monterrey is a true Mexican city that allows you to get immersed in the local culture and not be constantly surrounded by tourists and tequila shots.  It makes for an excellent place for a trip because you can be completely immersed in amazing natural beauty and then make it into the city for some culture by night fall.  The best part is that the city sits just a few hours south of the USA border, so go have a visit to our friendly neighbors down south.

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