Off the grid for a few days.

We are headed into Northwest Argentina, followed by the Atacama Desert, eventually driving through the southern region of Bolivia where their famous salt flats reside and then to Santa Cruz where we will obtain our Brazilian visas for the Pantanal.  This means that we will be out of contact for about the next week; however, we already have some new content ready and will be working on some more while we make our way through this region and anytime we have Internet we will be uploading.

More importantly, we have been making some huge progress lately and by the time we enter the Pantanal we will have finished nearly 3/4 of the miles that we will drive in South America.  While we are going on almost 2 years for this journey, it is a true sense of accomplishment to be able to see the finish line.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself, as we still have some crazy adventures ahead of us…maybe even some of the craziest yet (still have to find a way around the Darien Gap), but to put this in perspective…

It is like we have been in University, now we are seniors and in the last semester.  Unlike all of the semesters before this one, we were always signing up for the next round of classes, this time the story is different.  I guess just like college, it is exciting and scary to think that the end is getting close.  Now the usual question that we get has much more meaning: What are you going to do when this is all over?