The tallest bike in the world, and a ballsy rider to go with it.

We have been working on a documentary about bike community for about a year now and are nearly finished. It is called Bike Driven, and over the course of the last year we have filmed some serious nutballs riding the funkiest of setups in Denver, even tall bikes, but none this tall. The bike is insane and the ride in the video is from a gathering called LA Bike Cult.

stoopid tall bike #7This plain looks dangerous, but for Richie Trimble, it is a hobbie. His last bike was 10ft, but that was not enough so now this bike measures 14.5ft to the seat. The 10 footer has reached a bit of fame on its own, featured in this 30 Seconds to Mars video-not too bad for a fun project bike.

The 14.5′ took only 12 hours to build on an old huffy frame. Richie seems to have a talent for not only building them but riding them. In the video, if you make it to the 3 minute mark, you get to see him ride out on the pier. Personally it would be pretty sweet for me to see him take the plunge into the ocean, but nonetheless it is a testament to his skill on this skyscraper of a bike.

stoopid tall bike #2 stoopid tall bike #3 stoopid tall bike #4 stoopid tall bike #5 stoopid tall bike #6



  1. So why the hell not show a view from the ground of the whole bike & him riding it? I cannot believe this is anything more than an attempt to con us into believing it’s a tall bicycle.

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