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New Video – Mauri…what?

A couple of years ago the TWBR route began to take shape. When first planning a route for a grand voyage like this, the sky is the limit. Countries that you never even knew existed become possibilities; geography becomes a daily topic of conversation. It is quite interesting just how large some countries are that […]

New Video – Fez, Morocco – You have got to try this once in your life.

Have you ever done something that was completely unnecessary and totally necessary at the same time? Instances like these can only really be understood in retrospect, but I suppose that is how one might define some of the most memorable experiences in a lifetime. After recently crossing the straights of Gibraltar and officially starting what […]

New Video – Casablanca – How not to get a free hotel.

Here at The World by Road, we have many different ways of saving money. From the full service kitchen we can setup out of the back of the truck or even sometimes bring with us into the hotel room for late night snacks to the faring we are working on to increase gas mileage, we […]

New Video – Lisbon – The reoccurring problem

Back in my former home of Denver, Colorado, I was once told that the “Denver Boot” was so named because Denver is such a horrible place when dealing with the meter maids. After recently taking the time to research the claim, it is in fact true…and even more to it than I was originally led […]

New Video – TWBR Trailer

Well, we are still working on the whole regular video thing. Now that we have the new crew it should be much better, but for now you will just have to watch our last promo. We are working hard and will have a better system with regular video very soon.