New Photos – Algarrobo

After the Navimag Ferry dropped us in Puerto Montt, we spent a few days making our way up the coast to Algarrobo, Chile. Algarrobo is home to San Alfonso del Mar which boasts the largest swimming pool (outdoor) in the world. It is official and has been confirmed by the Guinnes Book of World Records. San Alfonso consists of a cluster of apartment towers on manicured grounds surrounding the kilometer long pool and has a fine selection of restaurants (insluding some great Sushi), fitness activities and clubs catering to childreren, teens and adults. It is a great place to spend a day or five and the town of Algarrobo itself is quite charming and picturesque. It was still the off season when we arrived in Algarrobo, so we had much of the resort to ourselves, but it did start to fill up over the weekend with local Chileans escaping the nearby capital city of Santiago for a few days. Not only were we fortunate enough to play in the largest swimming pool in the world, but four of the TWBR crew members who were not PADI scuba divers also we lucky enough to get certified in the largest swimming pool in the world thanks to Narval Buceo. If memory serves me correctly, it was the first time anyone had been scuba certified in the pool, but if the number of people watching the closed water portion of the class was any indication, San Alfonso will definitely be hosting a lot more scuba certification classes in their pool in the future. It certanly makes sense.

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