Living The Good Life

We have recently had the good fortune of spending the last week or so in the lap of luxury here in Central America. We have been hosted by some extremely hospitable people at eco retreats in Costa Rica during the past week, but it only really started to strike us how nice we had things when we were staring out over the waters of the Pacific Ocean from the back deck of the house we were staying at in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Villa Noche in San Juan del Sur was no ordinary house. In fact it was probably one the nicest places we have stayed on the trip, so we took every opportunity to soak up the sun and enjoy the pool during our stay.  The house just so happens to be owned by former NBA basketball player Travis Knight who invited us to stay there while we were doing some filming with his deep sea fishing company, Aquaholic. Deep sea fishing, breathtaking ocean views, an amazing house, we were definitely living the good life. Just when we all thought we were on top of the world, the wind was taken out of our sails a bit, almost literally, when Roman Abramovich drove into the bay in his 300 million dollar motor yacht the Pelorus, but hey, not everyone can live like a Russian billionaire. Extravagant motor yachts aside, we had a great time in Nicaragua and are grateful to Travis for letting us crash at his pad. Nicaragua is an awesome place and is definitely worth a visit even if you can not stay at Villa Noche. And so the pendulum continues to swing in dramatic arcs in terms of where we sleep at night… a few days after we were living the good life in San Juan del Sur, we were camping on on the floor of a bar outside Managua.


View from the pool deck


Upstairs porch


The Pelorus… just one of Roman’s mega yachts