May The Force be With you Young Russian Skywalker

First of all, it goes without saying that you should not try this at home, and that the activity shown here is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. I guess you could say that this should be left to certified professionals, but since I don’t know what might qualify someone as a professional in this instance, other than being certifiable, just use your head. With the qualifier out of the way, this is freaking awesome. We here at The World by Road have always been fascinated with Russians and the latest trend out of Mother Russia has us salivating a bit and drooling over  some amazing and equally dizzying photos stemming from the latest boredom killing pastime for those who are not in the slightest bit faint of heart. It’s called skywalking or sky hacking and calling it crazy is an understatement.

While teens in America are probing malls, their Russian peers are seeking out the highest buildings and fixed structures they can find, climbing to the top, and taking photographs of themselves standing on the edge of the precipice between life and death. Look mom, no hands, I’m on top of the world, or at least on top of the soviet era radio tower behind the apartment block… but the top of the world is all relative. The crazy part? All of this is done without safety equipment, so one can only imagine the adrenaline rush… and what happens if you screw up.

One teen is credited with starting this new craze, or at least posting the most photos of him engaging in it, and it easily puts stupid American fads like planking and Tebowing to shame. Marat Dupri is 19 and to him, the risk of getting caught sneaking past guards or worse is well worth the reward. Marat bought a camera a year or so ago and started taking landscape shots from the roof of his building, but quickly grew bored with that. So why not climb to the top of a 33-storey building and take photos from the edge? To Marat and his group of growing dare devil friends; “It was such a thrill; we couldn’t wait to do it again. When I am on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is at my feet. All my problems and troubles are left somewhere down. The height exhilarates me. I am enjoying my home town views. It gives me energy and fills with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.” Personally, I am happy viewing the world through Marat’s lens from the comfort of solid ground. When my heart plummets into my stomach while looking at his amazing shots, I can only imagine the exhilaration he feels. Just be safe Marat, and may the force be with you and the other young Russian skywalkers out there.

From Oderov

From Oderov



  1. I’ve gone bridge jumping into rivers and lakes but this is ridiculous. My stomach hurts after viewing those.

  2. #8 the ladder is coming off of the tower. I mean, I’m down with climbing scary high stuff, but not if it’s about to fall apart. that dude is nuts.

    1. @ash (trash) spoken like a true renegade and daredevil from the safety of your moms basement….”yawn”= piss-weak attempt at cool. Yes, #8 the ladder has literally rusted off the building…insane and awesome

  3. how about some love for the photographer. hes above them in most these pics. that dudes harder than a cock in the morning.

  4. Why do I feel that half of these pictures look photoshopped? Not saying they are though. Maybe it’s the dab…

  5. Russinans do things that americans can’t even imagine ‘cos of “stomach hurts”, “holy fucking shitballs” and so on.
    Weak and funky americans.

  6. This is seriously the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Is there any facts on how many Russian teens have died because of this activity? Looks dangerous to say the least.

  7. He’s not even close to being the first person (Russian or anyone else) to be doing this. The original guy can be found online and is easily recognizable…they are all crazy, but they are mere copies of the original.

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