A note about voting

Most importantly for those of your voting, you need to vote a 10 for us and a 1 for all of the other adventurers.  This has seemed to be the trend for all of the other adventurers and why the highest score is below a 7.  While it sounds somewhat wrong to do this, it is unfortunately just the limitation of the voting system. So if you want your vote for us to count, please make sure to give us the 10 and 1 to the rest, kind of like a set of pins, the one standing is your vote.

Thanks to everyone supporting us with their votes for the Adventurer of the Year Reader’s Choice Award.  Due to the somewhat limited voting system, you can only vote one time per computer, so if you have a whole family you all only get one vote unless you have more than one computer.  But you can go to the library and vote on each computer if you are a real die-hard fan!  🙂

Thanks again and just click the link here or and send it to everyone on your list.  It really means a lot to us to have your help!!