New Photos – The Jose Cuervo Distileria

Back in Mexico, there is a special town named Tequila.  As you all may have guessed, that is where Tequila comes from.  It is one of the most charming cities we went to on the entire expedition and the tour of the Jose Cuervo headquarters was impressive to say the least.  While you might expect the tour to be just a standard corporate tour coming from the one of the largest liquor brands in the world, it actually had an intimacy that was quite welcoming.

We learned a ton as we went out to the fields to meet the Jimadors.  They are the men that harvest the Agave plants.  They showed us how it is all done, told us stories of the history of the industry, and even let us give it a try.  Later we went back to the processing plant and saw how it all becomes the drink that Mexico is famous for.  The tour took us through the process and eventually led us to the tasting cellar, where we had a chance to try the Reserva de la Familia, the best Tequila in the world according to numerous taste tests.  After our tasting lesson, I think the whole crew agrees with the taste test.

So enjoy the photos.

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