You have got to be kidding me

Sometimes I see the news and cannot believe my eyes.  This post was from a little while ago, but I came across it again recently. On Facebook, people can create groups to talk about all kinds of silly things from cars to makeup to pop culture.  Recently, some employees of British Airways started one to get together and compare stories of how much it sucks to deal with all the passengers getting on the plane.

  • Described passengers as ‘smelly and annoying’
  • Ridiculed ‘silly American accents’
  • Complained about passengers who put boarding passes in their mouths

Oh my, how could they do that?  This is an outrage that the attendants would have the nerve to say such hurtful things. No American should ever have to hear those words…silly accent.  IT IS AN OUTRAGE, CALL THE ACLU!! There was another case of this a while back where 13 employees lost their job over it.  So my question is, why are these passengers searching around Facebook for groups to chat about British Airways flight?  And more importantly, why in the world would they get so worked up to actually make a fuss about it?  It is a website people, come on.  Give these employees a break, they had the courtesy to keep these comments to themselves when they were tearing your spit soaked boarding pass. Let them vent.

My advice to these passengers is, you probably do smell, get soap. It is likely I have had to sit next to you on the plane before. Your accent is silly, I have the same one. For crying out loud, you are not in kindergarten, keep the boarding passes out of your mouth. Please post your comments about this, who has enough time to sue an airline over a Facebook group saying they are smelly?