New Photos – Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa is a great city. It is a very international and cosmopolitan city with shades of Sydney and San Francisco, but it has a culture that is definitely unique. Cape Town has all of the qualities you would expect in a modern city and it has some of the most dramatic natural beauty to go along with it. Cape Town, and the Western Cape in general, also offers visitors a wealth of activities. Whether it is wine tasting, hiking Table Mountain or exploring the Cape Peninsula, you can always find something to do.

The weather in Cape Town during the winter can be a little wet and cold but luckily, I caught a break in the rain and was able to hike to the top of Table Mountain. After reaching the top of this Cape Town landmark, I was rewarded with some specacular views of the city and the surrounding area. It is not the easiest hike in the world, but it is well worth the effort and if the hike to the top of the mountain has depleted your energy, you can always take the cable car back down. A lot of people talk about the crime in Cape Town and in South Africa in general and it does exist but overall, Cape Town is an environment that is safe and enjoyable. One thing is for sure, Cape Town has something to offer everyone and at times, you might find it hard to beleive that you are actually in Africa.

Cape Town Photo Album

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