New Photos – Fatsa

You never know who you are going to meet. We meet strange and interesting people almost every day. Fatsa, Turkey was no exception. We were filling up our tanks with $10 a gallon gasoline when a guy approached us asking about the cars and what they were doing so far from home. “Nino” ended up being a restaurant owner and a tour operator and he invited us back to his place for dinner. After filling up on a delicious Turkish meal, he took us out on the town and then let us crash on his boat for the night. It was a great day and Nino hooked us up. It was also the spot where Karie decided to test out the water for a late night swim… as it turns out, the water was cold and full of fish guts.

Night swimming aside, it was a fun night that was over in a blur, but Nino still made sure we had breakfast before heading off tWe also had arguably the most decadent desert we have had in a long, long timeWe had plenty of delicious fish and all the fresh fruit you could ask forNino was quite the host and all because he liked the trucks we were drivingNino even gave us a siren for the trucks to help us through traffic in Istanbul In Fatsa, we met Nino, a tour operator who invited us to his restaurant for dinnerIt was shaping up to be quite a nightKarie decided to do another yogic inversion and this time she actually fell into the Black SeaYou would think that getting a little wet would not be that badThat is until the Watts meets water incidentAfter dinner, Nino took us out to a Turkish belly dancing barTurkish fishing boats unloading lots of Turkish fishUntil you realize that fishing boats have been unloading lots of fish only meters from where Karie fell inLots of fish being unloaded next to Nino’s yacht The fish come off the boat, get sorted and are then loaded onto trucks for the marketThe fish emulsion is scraped off the dock and into the water where Karie decided to take an evening swimA proud Turkish fisherman rests after a hard nightUnfortunately for Karie, all of those fish leave a lot of fish emulsion on the docks Nino then invited us to crash on his yacht from which he runs Black Sea Blue Cruises