Quick Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know what is going on in TWBR land. I am currently on the Hurtigruten ferry on my way to Bergen, Norway. Steve and Mark are also on the Hurtigruten ferry on their way to Bergen, but are a day behind… long story. I will be in Bergen for a day doing a newspaper interview and then will meet back up with Steve and Mark on the 10th, just in time to catch the ferry from Bergen to Newcastle, U.K. Being on the Hurtigruten is pretty cool and gives you an opportunity to see some great sights… when it is actually light out. We have also had a chance to catch up on photo galleries and video editing, so when we are not running into town to poach wireless for the 45 minutes that the ferry is in port, you can look forward to a ton of new content. That’s all for now… I think I hear the horn sounding.