Sumo Lounge is a new sponsor!

We are proud to announce that we have added a new sponsor.  Sumo Lounge is a company that makes urban style comfort furniture, or the layperson, huge pillows that you can morph into just about whatever shape you want to get comfortable.  At this point you might ask yourself how in the heck we can use urban furniture on an expedition around the world.  The answer is that we can’t…but you can and so can our support team at home.

Sumo Lounge has agreed to help promote us and give a couple of their omni chairs to our home team to keep them comfortable while they are helping us take care of things at home.

So a big thanks to Sumo Lounge, and if you are interested in getting more comfortable in your abode while you watch us get more uncomfortable as we head off into the great unknown…click this link.