What’s the name of that street?

Img 0071For most of us when we think of driving around the world, we think of the open road where there’s no other cars and no real traffic laws. I feel thats going to be the case for 70% of the trip but the other 30% is filled with the joys of trying to navigate in some of the worlds biggest cities. This type of driving brings me back to when i was on vacation with a girlfriend in Ireland. We rented car and proceeded to find our way to a hotel in Dublin, after spending about 2 hours driving around in circles in the heart of Dublin we ended up getting a different hotel due to the fact that we just psychically couldn’t get there thanks to one way streets and poorly marked roads. 5 years later i find myself in the same situation, this time my girlfriend is Bouey… which shouts out street names in the same tone as my x. The city is now Kuala Lumpur rather then Dublin, but the street names and stupid one way roads are the same. There really is no good way at getting better at this cause every city has a different layout. So i guess the only thing we can work on is just relaxing and remembering that tomorrow we will be back in the middle of nowhere, where the traffic laws are the ones we make up and the road is where we point the car.