Air Travel and TSA Shenanigans Part 2

Let’s face it, no one likes going through security at the airport. It is arguably one of the least enjoyable aspects of boarding a plane and traveling domestically or internationally. Most people have come to realize screening is a necessary evil and put up with the inefficient, invasive and sometimes humiliating process of going through security at the airport.

It’s been almost six years since I first wrote about strange encounters with the TSA and their seemingly inconsistent application of security at LAX. Now, in 2012, if scanning through the headlines about the Transportation Security Administration is any indication, things have not gotten any better and in some case, one could argue they have gotten worse. Ultimately, the million dollar questions remains; is all of this added security actually making us safer? Recently, I came across this information graphic on Daily Info Graphic related to the TSA funding and airport security. As the say, a picture is worth a thousand words and to borrow the thought pattern of Edward Tufte, this graphic is an excellent visual display of quantitative information.

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  1. There was private security for 9/11 – people forget. 5 buck an hour nebbishes. We all walk through the scanners and arrogance thinking “oh, this is necessary.” That is probably wrong. But there is no way around the logic of terrorism. Their intent is to change society, not to win territory. They make us afraid, and out pops the TSA, who presumes we are all terrorists. Score 1 Terrorists, zero Normal people. Insuring passenger safety ought to be a function of the airlines and airplane manufacturers.

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