Welcome to the New TWBR Collective

So what is the Collective? Since finishing the expedition in 2009, we’ve been working on several other projects ranging from a documentary television series about the original expedition to experiential travel guides.  The original expedition website served its purpose well, so we’ve decided to keep it as an archive, memorializing the project that started everything.  Our hope is that it will continue to be a great resource for people who want to learn more about the original expedition, serving as a blueprint for a successful expedition people can use in planning their own adventures.

Now the Collective is born.  We will be producing a multitude of culturally relevant, internationally minded content from destination reviews to travel guides to perspectives on world issues. Our focus is on producing the highest quality of content from multiple authors across a wide range of backgrounds to help inspire and guide travelers, adventurers and explorers on their own endeavors in the world.  So subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, add our RSS feed to your readers and stay tuned for a new take on the world and a wide range of ideas on how you can interact with it!

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