New Video – Diving the cold waters of Ushuaia!

It seems that in the midst of the last year this video slipped through and never made it online for all of you to see.  Lately I have been working to get all of our video organized for a new project in the works.  So stay tuned, we will be posting more often in the coming weeks and keep it coming again.  We are finally back on our feet!  It has only taken a year since we returned to be able to begin focusing on the website and TWBR again.  I guess that is only expected after an expedition like ours.

So please enjoy this video, we filmed it in Ushuaia, Argentina and watching this video certainly makes me wish that I was still adventuring everyday.  For this particular video we had the incredible opportunity to dive with Ushuaia Divers in the 4 degree waters of the bay full of seals, sea lions, giant crabs and more.  It was quite the adventure.  So enjoy and get ready for more content soon, including more travel guides, stories and videos!