Did You Know? (The Number 4)

Given that we are learning a lot about the different places and cultures we are being exposed to on the World by Road, we thought that it would only be appropriate to share some of these tidbits of information in what we hope will be a weekly blog called: Did you Know? So without further ado, here is the first installment.

You already know that the number 13 represents bad luck back in the States to the point that many hi-rise buildings don’t officially list having a 13th floor. Well, people here in Malaysia don’t really have a problem with the number 13. Not true with the number 4. In SE Asia and predominantly cultures in the region with a Chinese influence, the number 4 represents bad luck, death and all that is bad so you won’t see too many buildings with a 4th floor listed here. In fact, we were told that some of the Chinese gangsters here in Kuala Lumpur even incorporate the number 4 into the name of their crew (Four Horsemen, etc.) to add to the intimidation factor.