Just another day


There are a variety of standards most people grow accustomed to living to. I like to think my own standards happen to be pretty low. One of the things I find interesting about traveling around in a camper van with some people I barely know is the shock of leaving the comforts of everyday life behind and watching them attempt to adapt to life without them.

Life on the road camping can take a bit of getting used to for most individuals. You get little to no privacy, deal with others personal issues that are of no concern to your own, and do your best to work together in the confines of a small space.

The group I am traveling with does exceptionally well at this, which is great because it can be very hard for most people. I think the wanderlust of these travel companions has a lot to do with their ability to be comfortable when most people would not and the experience of camping is only part of the journey we are on.

Personally, I have been living out of my backpack for the past eight years. In that time I have lived in a lot of different places and situations… many of them on a boat.

There are many similarities between camping and the maritime profession, many of which I previously mentioned. However, out at sea there is no one other than the crew to socialize with… you can’t just go for a walk and get some time to yourself, and you do the same thing day after day. To make matters even more complicated, your personal space may be a room that is only the size of a walk-in closet… if you’re lucky.

In the end the campervans are not much bigger than walk-in closets, so I guess this is just another day for me… only better.