Gear Reviews

From the urban grind to the farthest reaching adventures, everyone needs gear to make their lives easier. Similar questions arise about durability, usefulness, value, and style. What is essential and what could be left behind? Is expensive really better than affordable? Is cutting edge better than tried and true? Will that pack really fit everything I need to carry?

Picking the right gear for a journey, no matter how long the duration, can be a nerve racking experience. Whether a trip to the local outdoor festival or a year long journey to the jungle, the right gear can make or break an experience. Browsing through the typical gear review sites can be an expedition in and of itself and while informative, they often leave you with more questions than you started with.

But the Collective is here to help! We post regular reviews of products, services and gadgets that help you find the best products for your next adventure, from a bike ride to work to an extreme adventure in freezing temperatures. We want to find the gear that makes your life journey better.

TWBR Expedition Website 2.0

Through our original expedition, we redesigned the website a few times. So this may not be exactly a version 2.0, but the expedition website has been a bit neglected since we finished the original expedition in 2009. With new web technologies some parts of the site, like the routemaps and photo galleries, ended up broken with server updates. So with the 10 year anniversary of finishing the original National Geographic Award winning expedition, we are completely redoing all of the …

Take an Easy Ride: ToyTec Lifts

For many, driving a big SUV is the root of all climate change evils.  For others it is a means for their job, a lifestyle, or a way to get the soccer team to the game.  During the expedition we called our trucks home for two and a half years. Whatever your reason for owning a gas guzzler, ToyTec Lifts will turn your giant vehicle into a smooth ride. Before The World by Road Expedition began, ToyTec was one of …

Gear Review: Base Camp Duffel by The North Face

When traveling, vacationing or just going on a short trip somewhere, one of the first considerations that needs to be made after the plane tickets have been bought is what luggage to bring. In an age where people duke it out for premium overhead bin space and checked bags can set you back as much as the actual  ticket, deciding what to bring and what to bring it in can be challenging. One versatile piece of luggage that has proven …