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TWBR Expedition Website 2.0

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Through our original expedition, we redesigned the website a few times. So this may not be exactly a version 2.0, but the expedition website has been a bit neglected since we finished the original expedition in 2009. With new web technologies some parts of the site, like the routemaps and photo galleries, ended up broken with server updates. So with the 10 year anniversary of finishing the original National Geographic Award winning expedition, we are completely redoing all of the …

The tallest bike in the world, and a ballsy rider to go with it.

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We have been working on a documentary about bike community for about a year now and are nearly finished. It is called Bike Driven, and over the course of the last year we have filmed some serious nutballs riding the funkiest of setups in Denver, even tall bikes, but none this tall. The bike is insane and the ride in the video is from a gathering called LA Bike Cult.

The Hairy Bush Viper – Yes that is really its name.

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Upon a little tangent on the internet today, I discovered pretty much the coolest snake and also the wierdest viperkeeper on the planet.  The snake is called Atheris hispida, and it lives in Central Africa.  Since I am not a zoologist, scientist or snake expert, I will save you the time of reading a long post that is probably full of falsities anyway. Just watch the ViperKeepers video below, he is a truly awesome snake loving nerd.  A warning though, …

Alexander Polli Flies Through the Batman Cave…This guy is completely insane.

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Alexander Polli 3

These days there are countless names in the wingsuit flying world that are pushing the limits, getting arrested, getting hurt doing the wildest of flights. All of their stunts often get them some money or fame…maybe even some money. Without a doubt their antics get the insane stamp smacked right across their forehead.

Don’t miss Will Laughlin Speaking about his Wild Aventure Runs!

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Will Laughlin is going to be our next speaker.  If you don’t already know who he is, you should, because he is pretty awesome! His presentation will likely be one of our best yet! [event post_id=”916″]Click here to learn more and reserve a space! – #_EVENTLINK[/event]

Aleksander Gamme shows us what it really means to be happy.

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For each of us, a few things in life truly give us bliss.  For some maybe it is sunsets, for others maybe it is watching their children grow up, but Aleksander Gamme did us all a favor to capture true bliss on video. Alex is a Norwegian adventurer who recently made his way to the South Pole, all alone. He has gone on many adventures before this, including a climb up Mt. Everest, but the video below captures something that …

Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales: Using Magic to Introduce Stockholm

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iPads are finding their way into every walk of life these days. Doctors are using them to look at charts, they are used for surveys, and now many restaurants use them for interactive wine lists. But the most innovative use to date is magic. The first question out of your head might be, “iPads are like magic anyway, who cares if someone makes a computer program to do something fancy?” For Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales, they answer the question with style.

Know What You Are Getting Into: The Corruption Perceptions Index 2010

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As a backpacker, vacationer or tourist, travels are often not as affected when it comes to corruption. Without your own personal transportation, in many cases the wheels are already greased by the bus company, tour operator, or tout that is helping to get you through the craziness of less developed countries.

Welcome to the New TWBR Collective

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So what is the Collective? Since finishing the expedition in 2009, we’ve been working on several other projects ranging from a documentary television series about the original expedition to experiential travel guides.  The original expedition website served its purpose well, so we’ve decided to keep it as an archive, memorializing the project that started everything.  Our hope is that it will continue to be a great resource for people who want to learn more about the original expedition, serving as …

The 42 Years Later Documentary Project

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One of our exciting new projects is the 42 Years Later documentary project. After the original expedition was stopped in its tracks and forced to divert down the west coast of Africa, we had a personal vendetta against Gaddafi and his unofficial policy of banning Americans from entering Libya. We still made some contacts